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The Great Wall Hollywood Movie 2016 – Big blockbuster

“The Great Wall” Movie 2016 – Big blockbuster

Matt Damon Is Going To China To Film An Epic Movie Involving

Matt Damon debuted his long ponytail as he attended “The Great Wall” press conference in Beijing

This blockbuster movie should be an interesting event, if not only because of where the movie sits historically in terms of the growing relationship between Hollywood team and China . Legendary notes that The Great Wall will be “the largest film ever shot entirely in China for global distribution.”And with Universal Pictures set to distribute the 3D film on November 23, 2016, that means that production on the movie should start up in the next few months.
Chinese director Zhang Yimou, center, discusses his 2016 film on Thursday in Beijing with cast members.

The Great Wall press conference in Beijing
Hollywood movie 2016 press conference in Beijing :–  Hollywood has spent the last years working to make a big blockbuster about the incredible monument known as the Great Wall of China – the project simply titled The Great Wall – and today the movie finally took a major step forward. This is because the Zhang Yimou-directed film has announced its full cast, which is headed up by Matt Damon, Willem Dafoe and Game of Thrones’ Pedro Pascal. –
Hollywood Movie press conference in Beijing :
The Interstellar actor looked to be in high spirits as he discussed his new film with the Chinese media
Matt stars as a mercenary in search of treasure in the American-Chinese sci-fi action film which is set in 15th century China.

the largest film The Great Wall

The Great Wall : Hollywood Movie 2016

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